The Zombie Chef


It’s called The Zombie Chef and it was made a few mornings ago with the assistance of a really talented team of people.

The Zombie Chef is Nick Rabar who is not a zombie but is a chef.  He runs a restaurant called Avenue N and it is delicious.  The makeup was done by Eric Latek.  He is a filmmaker in his own write and a very, very modest makeup artist.  Videography was done by myself and good friend Salim Makhlouf who is a social media maven, filmmaker and most social person I know.

Also helping out were Rick Conca, Rebecca Wetmore, Ashley Young and Mallory BRANCA.  It’s listed incorrectly as Blanca in the video.  I’ll change that ASAP but I’m beat from editing this PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

To go along with the video I made a few other things for people to enjoy, including a slideshare of the recipe which is wonderfully displayed here.