Turkey Day

U.S. President Barack Obama has granted a pardon to the National Thanksgiving Turkey and its alternate, saving the birds from becoming part of a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.

But one turkey still awaiting clemency from President Obama is Gobbles, a three year old 16 pound Tom Turkey who was raised in a farm in Arkansas.  But Gobbles is not just some turkey from Arkansas who wants to live.  No.  Gobbles is retarded.  Gobbles was born with no frontal lobe and has displayed erratic behavior since birth.  He has been known to walk into walls and fall down for no apparent reason.  Gobbles has been shunned by his pen-mates for his mental disorder and has been twice-outcast by society.  First as a turkey and secondly as a mentally challenged turkey.
Will President Obama do the right thing and pardon Gobbles, or will he ignore the pleas of a concerned populace who calls for leniency and mercy for those on the fringes of society?  It’s up to you, Mr. President.  Do the right thing.