Top 3 Lists I Found Just Now on Google for 2011

#1. The 25 Best Songs of 2011 (So Far)– Paste Magazine

I heard of seven of the bands on the list and listened to exactly three of them!  So as far as lists of things where I have knowledge of less than a third of the things listed, this list is number one.

#2. The 50 Best Websites of 2011 – Time Magazine

This list was a pain in the ass.  You had to keep clicking the next button to load each individual website from number 1 to 50.  Each site had a blurb and then you had to wait for the next ad-laden (Bin Laden!) page to load.  Hey Time Magazine List, lists are meant to be tight, organized and all on one page.  Tighten it up List!

#3. 10 best social web products of 2011 – Read Write Web

To give you an idea of how useless this list is check out the top three:  Google plus, Facebook, Twitter.  As far as lists that state the obvious, this list is number one!