4 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Question Your Own Existence

4 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Question Your Own Existence

Social media and marketing are multi-billion dollar industries now and its currency is bullshit. 

I’ll repeat:  Its currency is bullshit.

So how confident are you in your bullshit?  Will you stand behind it?  Will you be willing to quote yourself?  Think about that.  Will you quote yourself?  YOUR SELF! 

Giving yourself a nickname is rightly and decisively mocked but we have yet to really put the screws to people who quote themselves.  Why is that?  It could be because no one is listening…

How many followers do some of these so called social media “evangelists” have?  40? 50 thousand?  How many people are they following?  40? 50 thousand?  How many of those followers are muted?  And how many have muted them?

Twitter doesn’t give us that info so we’ll have to infer based on favorites and clicks, of which there are typically not many.  “50 thousand people are listening to me!” a social media influencer might say.  And how many are actually listening?  How many engagements?  Real engagements?  Not many.

People, don’t deify yourself.  Don’t shamelessly promote yourself and for the love of god don’t quote yourself.  It’s the most gaudy thing you can do on the internet.  In honor of this troubling trend, I present to you 4 quotes to inspire, confuse, conspire and amuse.

letters are the lifeblood of words

a handshake is an email you send

content is cum

breathing is essential