This Show…

I’ve been working on this show for a while now.  It’s called “Biggest Little Countdown” and as the title would suggest it’s a countdown show done in the mold of a “I Love the 80’s” on VH1 years back.  The show features some Rhode Island luminaries, dignitaries and boysenberries including Bert Crenca, Steve Feinberg, Jess Schiano, my friend Eric Latek and many more.  The interviews were skillfully conducted by the Charlie Rose of Lincoln, RI Mike Stevenson and the editing was done by yours truly over the course of many painstaking hours.

The show will premiere sometime in January and there will be some sort of event at the Cable Car hopefully sometime before then.  It was so fun to work on and it looks like I’ll be able to make at least a few more of these.

For now, here are the three commercials I’ve put together for the show.  Enjoy.