Kyra Phillips and Dennis Morgigno

Backstage with Kyra and Dennis

Here’s a backstage look at “A Salute to Teachers” hosts CNN’s Kyra Phillips and Dennis Morgigno as they get ready and have some fun in the moments before the 26th Annual event.

To see even further into the past, why don’t you click on this little link over here that takes you to the Salute to Teachers Red Carpet event?  Why don’t you?  Are you busy or something?  Look, we all have stuff to do.  It wouldn’t kill you.

balboa park

A Salute to Teachers Red Carpet Event

Every year for the past 26 years Cox Communications has celebrated the teachers of California with an event called “A Salute to Teachers”.  For 25 years I had nothing to do with, sitting unaware of the saluting in my house in Rhode Island.  This year, however, I was asked to fly to San Diego to not only salute teachers but film them as well.  And salute and film them I did.

This first video was shot outside of The Balboa Theater in the new public park that was in the last stages of construction as of September 2016.  It is the red carpet reception and, aside from an unfilmed wine spilling, the event went off without a hitch.