Sponsored Links Are Getting Weird

Sponsored links are getting weird. 

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First of all Dumbjerk Illustrated is a mean name for a website.  How do we know this guy holding a pool skimmer is a dumb jerk.  He might be a smart jerk or a dumb softie.

Secondly, are more dogs buying homes?  I haven’t heard about this.  But if we are to believe the above picture, small dogs are in fact filling out mortgage applications.  This is troubling enough, but upon further examination we can see that the application was APPROVED!  Truly shocking.

And lastly, why do we need scientists to tell us that these stacks of coins aren’t even?  I can tell just by looking at them.  And who cares if they’re uneven?  Just straighten them out if you’re that concerned about it!  This can’t be news!