social media conference

Social media is fast becoming the preferred method of advertisers to communicate with customers and vice versa.  It is also becoming the preferred method for social media evangelists to travel on another company’s dime to stand around looking at their phones while desperate companies wine and dine them as they try to wrap their heads around the idea of inbound marketing.


Are you a social media evangelist?  Do you want to become one?  Do you want to know what one is?  Well, you should probably change out of those stand sweatpants and come on down to the Northeast Regional Social Media Blog and Outbound Marketing Conference at the Radisson Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island.  Experts in the subjects of “BLOGGING”, “COMPUTERS”, “THE FACEBOOK”, “TWEETS” will be there as well as people with “SLIDE SHOWS” full of “INFOGRAPHICS” which are a way to teach stupid people information they most likely have no use for.  Tweet from the event using a “HASHTAG” (details forthcoming) and you may receive an “iPAD” tablet computer that you can use to log on to the internet to chat or “STREAM” programming from tv.



computer phonesSo come on down to Radisson Hotel in Providence or follow us on twitter @fiftyfootant for updates.