Serendipity and the Seltzer Bottle

Serendipity and the Seltzer Bottle

I’m writing a screenplay in which a stoner has a special ability when he’s high.  Tonight I was writing a scene where an unfortunate accident involving a beer bottle falling to the ground sets off a chain of events that results in one character getting his ass kicked by a very large and very intimidating pool playing man.

As I was visualizing what was about to happen and writing the words “CLOSE UP: BOTTLE HITTING THE FLOOR” the empty Polar Seltzer bottle sitting on my bedside table fell for no reason at all.  No wind.  No movement.  Nothing.  Just ploop!  Down.

What happens in these moments?  Coincidence?  Magic?  A signal of the harmonizing of self and the infinite?  All of the above?

It got me thinking of a performance by the sadly late but forever great Robin Williams in Artificial Intelligence.  In it, he played Dr. Know an all-seeing all-knowing hologram, and he spoke to the little robot Pinocchio about all the things in this world that he couldn’t possibly understand.  Read in Robin Williams sweet, empathetic and soulful voice, it spoke to me in this strange moment where a plastic bottle fell down, for sure, and set off a chain of events that reminded me of the infinite.

And it ends, for the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.