Rhode Race Commercial

Here’s the new promo I produced for the 2012 Rhode Race 5k/marathon/half marathon running extravaganza.  It was shot by Eric Latek whose great company and work can be found here.

The shot of the runner was shot on a DSLR out of the back of a slow driving SUV.

I drove the SUV.  Masterfully.  The snorricam effect was manipulated using an image stabilizer in After Effects.  As Eric and I were planning out this spot, we looked at several different rigs for getting this effect.  There are a ton of videos on youtube demonstrating the effect, including this very cool one:

But when it came time to shoot, practical effects lost out to the great powers of Adobe and the footage was run through the stabilizer to, I would say, brilliant effect.

Eric will be posting a tutorial on this process for Adobe in the near future, I’ll post that here when it’s up and running.

Special thanks to Katie Gray and the good folks at Eident Sports Marketing.


Eric has posted a tutorial on ae.tutsplus here. Read the comments to see what assholes people are.