Rejected by an Animal Sneezing GIF Website

Rejected by an Animal Sneezing GIF Website

Another submission to GIFS of Animals Sneezing, another rejection…

For those with poor eyesight.  It reads:

Dear Mr. Finucane,

Thank you for your submission. 

Unfortunately, at this time we can not accept your gif of a koala sneezing on its baby.  Though, we appreciate the sentiment of the GIF, we can not in good faith add the GIF to our website.  You see, we here at GIFS of Animals Sneezing Incorporate hold ourselves to rigid standards and regrettably your GIF did not pass the necessary requirements for publishing on our website. 

Agnes looked at it and laughed.  Evan looked at it and chuckled but then Julia saw it. 


Now, I will grant you that Julia has perhaps the highest threshold for enjoyment out of our team, so much so that she has been given the nickname “The Russian Judge” on some message boards on reddit.  But we adhere to a strict three chuckle policy and if the gifs don’t met those standards then they are tossed aside for use on less reputable Animal Sneezing websites or, god help them, imgur.

Thank you once again for your submission and may god have mercy on your soul.


John Birdnose

GIFS of Animal Sneezing Incorporated