Rape Joke

In light of Daniel Tosh’s recent performance at the Laugh Factory in LA where he pondered the rape of a blogger (who hasn’t?) it has gotten a lot of people to think about where the lines should be drawn and what we are “allowed” to say in public.  One blogger’s account of a shitty joke became the kindling that ignited an indignant fire that spread across the internet and burned brightest on jezebel where another blogger took the opportunity to take one unfunny comedian’s unfunny comment and turn it into a larger political issue about today’s comedy being “hostile toward women”.  Henny Youngman and Rodney Dangerfield would like to have a word with you, Lindy.  In any event, all this talk made me dig through the old family archives to find the rape joke that has been passed down in my family for generations.  Here it is: