PC and URI NCAA Resume Images

PC and URI NCAA Resume Images

First of all this blog title is ALL ABOUT ACRONYMS.  If you don’t like acronyms then I don’t know what to tell you.  Might be time to GTFO and GTL and TGIF and NATO and…SCUBAs another one.  That was always the ace up my fifth grade teacher’s sleeve.  She would always be like “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”.  We get it, Ms. Hutton.  We get it.

Ms. Hutton was the first teacher I started showing my drawings too.  I would finish my work as fast as I could so I could have free time to draw and she and I would sit at her desk and she’d really patiently and sweetly look at all the characters I was drawing.  I would do these pun-filled cartoons with characters I’d make or comic book guys, it was a ridiculous hodge podge of created and stolen elements.  It’s a medium I’ve stuck with my whole creative life.  So thanks, Ms.  Hutton, wherever you are.

Now I’m doing some images for the NCAA resumes of the two major Rhode Island college basketball programs.  The illustrated versions of the coaches were created by Bryan Molloy.  This top one is for the Rhody Rams…

uri resume for my site

…and this one is for Providence College.

providence resume for my site