Pay Me to Stop Discriminating

Pay Me to Stop Discriminating

Money.  We all want it.  And some people have more than others.  I like money.  I don’t love it, it doesn’t drive me but the more money I have the less I have to think about it and I really don’t ever want to think about money.

So how does one make money?

I guess you could get a job, work really hard and hope that someone gives you a raise or promotion.

Or you could deny gays pizza and make 715,000 dollars (AND COUNTING) like the people from Memories Pizza in Indiana did.

So…here’s my public stance.  I will never, ever ever ever open a pizza place in Indiana and serve gay people – or straight people for that matter.  I WON’T!  You hear me, liberal media?  I won’t move to Indiana, learn how to run a pizza establishment and serve anyone – straight or gay.  If you have a problem with that then go ahead and stop me.  I’ve started a GoFundMe to support my cause.  Donate with your conscience and may GOD bless America.




GoFundMe removed my campaign because it “violated their terms and conditions”.  Apparently the only things that GoFundMe will provide a platform for are bigoted pizza purveyors and cowardly Missouri police officers.  Use Kickstarter.

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