Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the great city of Pittsburgh with my friends at Nuts ’n More. Don’t know Nuts ’n More? Go to their site, buy some of their delicious and nutritious nut butters and then leave a thank you comment on my site. I’ll wait.

You’re back! Good. Well recently I had the great pleasure of tagging along with them as they signed a multi-million dollar deal with GNC with Mark Cuban and the crew of ABC’s Shark Tank. That’s a mouthful. Lots of dollar signs in there. Anyway, I brought my trusty camera and my wits and filmed them over the course of two days and filmed their sense of humor and their excitement leading into one of the most important deals of their lives (so far).

Below are some clips from the video I produced from that trip. A trip I dubbed ‘nsylvania.

Gettin’ a Shine

Rentin’ a Car

Visitin’ Simple Sugars

Meetin’ Mark Cuban

The Full-Ass Video