Narragansett Beer: Made on Honor

Narragansett Beer: Made on Honor

Recently I was approached to produce a series of videos for Narragansett Beer to help commemorate their 125th anniversary.  The series would feature local artisans who hand-make their craft all falling under the tagline “Made on Honor”  We filmed at a salon, a furniture maker, and ince sculptor and many more as part of the series.  Long form videos, shorter youtube clips, instagram formatted videos, stills for twitter/blogs etc were all created as part of the project.  Below are some examples of the work done.

All of the videos were shot by myself and Alex Contos with Salim Makhlouf jumping in for some relief duty on a few shoots. The editing duties were split between myself and Alex and, as you can see, once the tone was established, there was little discernible difference between the videos.

Also included in the content package were branded stills from the shoot to pop on Facebook and Twitter.

lulu taking a picture twitter waiting at suite tart twitter

And 15 second videos for Instagram tagged with the URL.

INTRODUCING: The Made On Honor Series and #HonorMonday! Visit to learn all about it. #MadeOnHonor

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As you can see above, the videos were constructed specifically using the instagram 1:1 aspect ratio at 640×640.  Formatting for these specs makes for some interesting editorial choices as you are rewarded by choosing shots that don’t utilize a lot of negative space.  The 15 second time limit is also a fun exercise in telling the most compelling story in the shortest amount of time you can.  I enjoy the constraint of it and am happy with the results.

Also included in the content strategy were blog posts discussing the project that were written by Jessica Bryant, a writer referred to me by a content partner Contently.  Stories featuring the videos and write ups can be seen in the links below.

Made on Honor: Narragansett Beer

Made on Honor: Lulu Locks

Made on Honor: Fox Point Pickles

Included in the blog posts are Calls to Action that were created using the images from the shoot and referred people back to the Made on Honor URL.  As of publishing of this post, the CTAs have about a 15 percent click rate according to Hubspot’s data.

So far, so good.  Looking forward to more.