How to make money blogging


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There are a lot of blogs out there talking about a lot of different things.  There are blogs about cats.  There are blogs about dogs.  There are blogs about cats by dogs.  There are dogs that are cats that have blogs.  Blogs cats dogs.  Cats dogs blog.  blogdogcatblogdog.


 But how do you monetize your blog?  Easy.




Put ads on your site.  People click on them and then wham!  $$$$$$


Make a twitter account and be all like “Hashtag $$$$$” and then poof!  $$$$$


Work on writing blogs consistently too.  Doesn’t matter what it’s about or if it’s good, just make sure it’s consistent.  Me?  I shit everyday.  Should I share it with the world?  Before blogs and $$$$ no.  But now?  Share away!

So to recap:


Cats + Dogs = Blogs / Shit = $$$$$