Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness

I work on a website called and I was responsible for a lot of the creative and social marketing around the Providence College basketball team during their runs in the Big East and non-run in the NCAA Tournament.

While Cox Communications no longer has the rights to Providence College basketball (those now belong to Fox Sports 1), engagement with the fans and the program has never been greater because of a strong push to be more involved in the day to day conversation around the team. Using multiple touch points and mediums, engagement has grown tremendously over the course of the last year, culminating in this month’s activities in New York City and Columbus, Ohio.

Below are some links to the blog posts associated with Marketing Madness.

  1.  Neutral Site
  2.  Enjoy the Moment
  3.  Areas to Watch
  4.  Kris Dunn Highlight Reel
  5.  LaDontae Highlight Reel
  6.  Confidence and Questions
  7.  NCAA bracket response

And here are some of the social media posts associated with the campaign.

Obviously there are bigger companies and fanbases that get more engagement, simply because of the scales they’re dealing with, but the methodology is the same.

Be Prepared
Be Fast
Be Engaged
and try to be the best.