March of the Juggalos

March of the Juggalos

Sleep deprived and working a long day in Newport last week, I came up with the idea of “March of the Juggalos” a beautiful marriage between March of the Penguins and the annual festival that is the Gathering of the Juggalos. I don’t own the footage. I’m not trying to make a dime off of it. I just liked the idea. Here it is:


Reaction to the video was immediate.  I posted the video on reddit and the kindling started to spark.  Then Buzzfeed Music found it and tweeted it out.  Then The AV Club picked up on it and posted it.  And as 100,000 views became 200,000 and then 300,000 I watched as the comments kept coming and coming from people who had a shared liking of the video and contempt for the juggalos themselves.

All told it ended up with over half a million views and generated some good buzz and animosity toward a group I have no ill will towards at all.

As a matter of fact, aren’t juggalos just more made up and diverse Parrtoheads? I apologize if I offend either group but the correlation is staggering once you look at it.