What is Jessica Alba Afraid of?

What is Jessica Alba Afraid of?

By clicking on a link about Uber and Lyft partnering to help people get to polling places I was taken down a rabbit hole by an ad blocker.  On the Wall Street Journal’s log in page there sat a quote by Jessica Alba.  Now Jessica Alba to me is still the pretty girl from that Sin City movie who was in a movie with Freddie Prinz (sp?) Jr. I think?  But now apparently, she’s this very successful business mogul with a lifestyle brand for moms or some shit.

The quote is pictured here:

Jessica Alba Quote

“I’m doing the the thing that scares me the most every single day,” 


What could that possibly be?  And why is she doing it every day?

Does Jessica Alba wake up every morning and cover herself with snakes?  Does she look at pictures of clowns?  Does she play Russian Roulette at the kitchen table screaming as she pulls the trigger hoping to hear another click?

What is it Jessica? WHAT IS IT?!

After some digging I came across this article where she talks about how she believed in equality at five years old.  She doesn’t mention if she believed in Santa Claus because they are both equally elusive.

The quote sits in the middle of this paragraph:

Now, four years later, she’s raised $100 million. “I’m doing the thing that scares me the most every single day,” Alba said at Forbes’ third annual Under 30 Summit. “I’m showing my girls you can do something when you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. You are doing something you believe in.”

She’s afraid of is having 100 million dollars and not knowing what tomorrow will bring?  It can bring a genetically modified unicorn if you want with 100 million dollars.  That doesn’t seem frightening at all.  Is doing something you believe in is the scariest thing?  I’m perplexed.

Without answers, I submit this gif of Jessica Alba crying.

jessica alba crying