Jack Harley

Jack Harley

Watching True Detective this season, I was struck by the overweight brooding that filled every scene like sugar in a fattening pie.  Every frame occupied not just by movie-turned-tv stars but with their DEMONS spiraling all around their heads.

Sitting in that bar Vince Vaughn and Colin Ferrel’s characters would meet, they’d stare at each other in the dark over bottles of whiskey listening to a mumbly singer croon about her “least favorite life”.

It was all too much.

So I sat down and wrote a script. A script based on the overwhelming and comical brooding from True Detective Season 2.

I filmed this thing in Providence, Rhode Island so I could think of no better place to film than The Scurvy Dog in Providence, the quintessential dive bar in the state.  The lighting, the atmosphere…everything was perfect.  I went in a few weeks before filming and talk to the bar’s owner, Jamie, who was gracious enough to let us film for a few hours before they opened.

Then I enlisted friends.  And they were all so awesome.

This was filmed over the course of 2 hours.  I edited it in two days.  I absolutely love it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you…Jack Harley

and for those that don’t like Youtube, here it is in beautiful vimeo format:

Aaaaaand for those in love with the non-moving image, check out some stills from behind the scenes of the production in Providence.