Jack Harley: Behind the Scenes

Jack Harley: Behind the Scenes

Watching Season 2 of the over-the-top brooding True Detective inspired me to make “Jack Harley” (click here to watch the short and to read more about the project.)

It was such a fun day of filming with some really great friends who gave me their time and talent to make something weird that I love.

Staying in character and not breaking was pretty rough considering the ridiculousness of the material.  Mike Bailey was able to keep the glass he was washing clean without breaking character, except this once.

BJ not liking Jack's tone

BJ Mansuetti played a man who claimed to be more grizzled than any man.  He had not yet met Jack Harley.
Tim D as a biker

What happens when you try to pierce the impregnable yoke of torment that surrounds Jack Harley?  You peer into the abyss and succumb to madness.  Tim Donahue found that out the hard way.

jack and the heart of gold meet

Stephanie Rodger came sauntering into The Scurvy Dog looking to make a friend.  She found Jack Harley, who tried to escape her advances through self-abuse and a suicide attempt.