Wounded Knee II

wounded knee

Kentucky center and projected number one overall pick Nerlens Noel blew out his knee last night in Florida.  As you can see here the injury was so severe onlookers could barely look.  Now Noel will likely have to undergo surgery and miss the rest of the year if not part of next year.  Unless he can prove his knee is healthy prior to June which he is receiving rehabilitation, a fitness program and supplements like kratom capsules for it, he will not enter the draft and he will have to forgo millions of dollars in salary and lucrative sponsorships that would have been made available to him and his already semi-iconic persona.  No he’ll have to wait on all that because the NBA, in conjunction with the NCAA, has created a corrupt and evil system by which they are able to make billions of dollars utilizing unpaid and under-compensated labor.

boypiano nerlens description     There’s a lot of money being made in professional and “amateur” sports right now.  More so than for any other entertainment medium in the age of the DVR.  Players like Noel are told that they will eventually get their share.  Just jump through this arbitrary hoop that the NBA made supposedly to make sure that players were “mature” when they became professionals.  Mature?  At 19?  At 20?  I would say that falling into millions of dollars at the height of your physical powers would not be cause to reflect and spend your evenings quietly reading a novel by the fire.  Throw the maturity angle out the window.  Lebron, Kobe, Moses…they all made the leap from high school to the pros with no ill effects.  But who suffered from their leap?  Well, the NCAA.  The NCAA missed out on having those bankable stars as they were showcased to the nation free of charge for the profit of the NCAA and eventually the NBA.  The NCAA gets the greatest players in the world for a year to showcase them, make as much money off of them as possible and then ship them off to a thankful NBA that didn’t have to spend a dime in promoting their next crop of stars.


But who suffers from that arrangement?  Well, players that get hurt in that year.  Players like Nerlens Noel.


Nerlens Noel suffered a torn left ACL and will miss the rest of the season.