Made on Honor: Stock Culinary Goods

Made on Honor: Stock Culinary Goods

Stock Culinary Goods in Providence has handcrafted and curated products that are all Made on Honor.
 This place is a few blocks from my home and filled with kitchen knick knacks that are interesting, hyper specific and not anything I would ever personally use.  Still it was fun to film there for a bit and listen to the owner tell her story.

For a more passionate take on the video, I’ll let BJ from Narragansett Beer take over:

From the stunningly gorgeous copper sauté pans that are handcrafted just down the road by Jim Hamann at DH&M Cookware, right down to the goat milk chocolate samples from Mast Brothers that await customers at the checkout counter, almost every item that Jan Dane, proprietor of Stock Culinary Goods places on her shelves has a story – a story that has meaning to her, and a story that she knows by heart.

dave's coffee

Want some of Rhode Island’s best coffee syrup?  Stock has that.

Want some sweet glasses in a handy wooden carrying thing?  Boom.

glass display at stock

All in all it was a cool experiment to do product shots and tie them into the emotional impassioned beliefs of the owner of the store.  Because sometimes a fork isn’t just a fork.