Follow me down this train of thought, okay?

I read an article this morning about scientists who discovered a new species of monkey in the Congo called the Lesula. It is pictured here.


I looked at the picture and thought, “This looks like someone.” (The internet has made the Jake Gyllenhall connection, which I don’t really see.) So I searched my memory and thought, “Who’s that guy that was in the long movie that Billy Crystal did as a passion project years ago, ‘Mr. Saturday Night’?” The answer: David Paymer. So I looked at David Paymer pictures for a bit. And what better activity is there lying in bed at 7AM? And then I remembered a movie he was in with Dudley Moore, where Dudley Moore plays an ad executive locked up in a sanitarium.  He then turns the sanitarium into a top notch ad agency. For those that think the plot sounds intriguing, imdb “Crazy People”.

One of the loons was played by David Paymer. Paymer’s character had a tick in the film where he would say “Hello” after everything he said. “I’m going to the bathroom, hello. I need an appendectomy, hello” and so on.  So at the end of the movie, just before the credits, Paymer and a costar sing a song called “What a Wonderful Word”.   Hearing this song made me jump into After Effects and make this: