Freestyle Releasing released the faith-based film “The Identical” this week to tepid reviews and low box office.  The Nashville rock n roll identical twin melodrama starring Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd was only able to muster $1.9 million in 1,966 sites this weekend.  With such low box office numbers, does this mean that God is dead?

God has had a good run with many of his films performing well including “God’s Not Dead” which boasts a worldwide box office total of $62 million, against a $2 million budget.  After that movie, God was riding high.  Maybe a little too high…God, coming off that masterful turn at the box office, defied critics and went on to greenlight “The Identical”.  Some in His inner circle questioned the logic of picking a script based on the hack premise of identical twins separated at birth, but God didn’t listen.  He got on the phone with Ashely Judd and Ray Liotta and offered them either eternal salvation or more than scale, which they accepted.  

So now the box office numbers come in and like the rest of us, God has to be wondering if His days in the sun are now over.  Are we sick of God?  Has his shtick grown tired?  Maybe it’s time God takes a little break and leaves the filmmaking to the filmmakers.  (Hey God, maybe you go back to healing the sick or causing floods or whatever it is that you do these days?)  But if Freestyle Releasing’s website is any indication, God has no plans to get out of the movie business any time soon.  In fact, God has decided to cast His favorite person, His only living Son, Nicolas Cage in a remake of the Kirk Cameron “classic” “Left Behind”.

Seriously, God?  Is this your move?  

I think we can all agree that God peaked with “The Universe”.  Since then, it’s been shit city with dud after dud after dud.  Typhoons?  Ebola?  Non stop war?  “The Identical”? Might be time to hang up the tunic, God and take a break.  Maybe, just maybe, if “Left Behind” is as big a disaster as “The Identical” or Free Will, God will go back to that big La Z Boy in the sky and leave filmmaking to the pros.

Michael Bay