The FINAL Countdown?!

I started on November 1st of 2011. Since then I have posted some amazing things like thisthis, and this. When I started the site, I was a novice web designer who had only a rudimentary knowledge of wordpress. Now, a year and a half later I am a novice web designer with a rudimentary knowledge of wordpress. One of the things that novice web designers do is look for widgets to populate the margins of their page to make them look more dense and interesting. Look to the right of this post, there’s all sorts of shit. One of the widgets I installed was a countdown. Simply input a number of days, hours and minutes and it begins to countdown from that point. I entered in an arbitrary time of over a year and as Ron Popeil would say I set it and forgot it.  Well here we are almost six days away from the moment when the countdown strikes all zeroes.
A few weeks ago I started looking at the calendar to see what event may coincide with the countdown. Someone’s birthday? A holiday? Currently I have my Jetta scheduled for a service that day. Though, I’m loath to think that all that time ago I was counting down to the fateful day my engine would get serviced. Maybe I’ll die on the way? If so, what a nugget this post turns out to be. Share it on reddit, tell your friends about. Someone write a script about the “Death Widget” (TM) that includes the line “I can’t delete it! I can’t delete it!”
Now to North Korea. They’re mobilizing some medium to long range missiles (it really depends on the time of day and their amount of stimulation. Celery helps, I hear, for volume). First of all let me go on the record and say that I am anti-missile. Missiles of any kind?  Put me on the nay list. So when this little tyrant (or tyrant of any size, creed, race or gender) decides to use the vaporization and annihilation of people as a diplomatic weapon, I stand defiantly staring at the skies saying “No way, man!” The reason I bring up this little tyrant, or any tyrant for that matter, is that I truly hope that 6 days from now some missile doesn’t fall from the sky and destroy us all. I could go on to say that I hope the clock never runs out on humanity and that no one should ever hear a sound, feel it get warm suddenly and say “What was that?” before things go white and then black forever. But I won’t. That’s not my style. I’m still working on the layout of this thing.
In six days, the clock will strike zero. I will be getting my Jetta serviced. I hope that’s it.


The countdown hit zero.  What happened?  I was at my desk at work, a coworker was telling me about a youtube video.  This one:

This terrible youtube video for a song I heard a while back and wrote this about on November 4, 2011:

So…circle of life?