Faint Praise

“A moviegoer passed out last night during a midnight screening of the genre film V/H/S.” – Deadline.com

“I wanted to see what everybody was throwing up about it.” – Variety

There is no greater publicity for a new movie than reports of people passing out or vomiting at a screening of your film.  Movieline went so far as to compile a list of people of everyone who fainted during screenings of Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours.  No thoughtful and glowing critique of a film can possibly match a slumped over, vomit covered moviegoer. So why aren’t filmmakers and PR people hiring bulimics and vertigo sufferers to vomit and puke at all of their films?

“I loved Meryl Streep in Iron Lady.  I vomited three times.”

“Moneyball was great.  At least what I saw of it.  I was passed out for most of it.”

“I was technically deceased midway through The Descendants so, yeah, it was pretty good.”

“The Help was so moving.  Do you smell that? It’s shit.  I shit my pants.”