Erlend and Steinjo

I didn’t know who Erlend and Steinjo were.  My brother just insisted that I watch a video by these guys a few weeks ago.  It was this one here:

I watched, confused.

What forces were at play here?  Was there some subtext I was missing on my first viewing?  Is it a video shown to people before they die?  Is it a Norwegian satire of stupid American culture?  Was this Europe’s answer to Tim and Eric?  Why were they lifting a piece of wood?

Those questions stuck with me until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  After that ill-fated bird became energy and then ultimately waste, I took to google and searched for more by erlend and steinjo.  Here’s what I learned.

They’re Norwegian.

They’re satirists.

They’re apparently very popular over there.

I don’t know why they were lifting that piece of wood.