you are an elephant

you are an elephant.  You have a trunk and droopy ears.  you have thick skin.  you’re stuck in the middle of reading a book that someone recommend you.  you may never finish it.  you’re writing something.  You’ve been writing it for a while.  You may never finish it.  You are a horse.  You have four powerful legs.  You have a flowing mane of beautiful black hair.  You are looking for houses online.  You are racked with anxiety about the future.  You may never get what you want.  you compulsively look at clothes online when you should be sleeping.  You buy things and then regret it.  You may never get what you want.  you are an alibi.  you were at the movie theater when all that happened.  No one saw you.  the government is big and mean and evil.  you are gentle to animals.  you’re small and they are big.  you’re big and they are small.