Croonerman or Crooner? YOU DECIDE!

On the side panel of an ESPN article I was reading about the NBA lockout, I saw the following ad for an amazon song download from “crooner” Brian Evans.

I went to his website where you can hear his instant “classic” on autoplay (and AUTO-REPEAT!) and saw that he is referred to there as a “croonerman”.

Crooner or croonerman?  Which is it, Evans?  Pick a side!

Here’s some lyrics from his gem.

“Gonna see them hit that ball…a mile high…
no matter where you sit, you’re in heaven for a little bit.
It’s gonna be a great day at Fenway.”

On the bright side, all proceeds from the download of this single go to the Brain Evans Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a charity I just started to give Brian Evans cystic fibrosis.