I Just Watched “RiFF RAFF Shows His $2 Million Dollar ‘Codeine Castle’ And $500,000 In Jewelry! (WSHH Exclusive)” and I Learned a Lot

I Just Watched “RiFF RAFF Shows His $2 Million Dollar ‘Codeine Castle’ And $500,000 In Jewelry! (WSHH Exclusive)” and I Learned a Lot

How much did I learn? Almost too much. Like I don’t know if my brain has the capacity to store all this new information. Before I forget, let me drop some knowledge.

First off, do yourself a favor and watch this. It’s 11 minutes long and worth every minute of it.

Here’s What I Learned

1. Riff Raff’s house is made out of “pure industrial steel” for a “good, secure base”

riff raff steel

You want to knock down RiFF RAFF’s house? First of all, why? Second of all, good luck.

That shit is made out of PURE INDUSTRIAL STEEL. Grass fed American steel. It’s not going anywhere.

2. There are three things to know about this picture:

riff raff art

  1. You can’t buy it at Best Buy
  2. It’s not middle of the circus shit
  3. It’s not Circuit City shit

3. RiFF RAFF has a Persian Couch made out of “pure Alaskan Cornbread”

riff raff couch

Logistically, I’m not sure how a cornbread couch would work or if there’s a difference between Alaskan cornbread or other kinds of cornbread. Either way, it looks beautiful.

4. RiFF RAFF has some famous neighbors

Some of his famous neighbors include:

  • Burt Reynolds
  • Gary Payton
  • Celine Dion
  • Madonna
  • John Stockton
  • Karl Malone
  • Taylor Swift

5. There are two rooms that camera wasn’t allowed inside

riff raff doors

The camera lingers there for a moment. We’re left to guess what’s in there. My guess is weed?

6. Riff Raff has a room where he seeks the counsel of his dog

riff raff therapy

He asks his dog, Jody, about what kind of Lambourghini to buy. The advice isn’t free, however. The dog invoiced Riff Raff for $300,000.

7. You ain’t shit unless you have ceiling mounted faucets for your bathtub

riff raff faucet

Do you have ceiling mounted faucets for your bathtub?


Fuck you.

8. Always make sure to track your huskies

riff raff huskies

That’s just being a responsible dog owner.

9. Always make sure to have a trampoline in your backyard

riff raff trampoline

That shit’s just fun.

10. RiFF RAFF seems like a good dude who loves his dogs and likes to make people laugh

riff raff and his dogs

The biggest takeaway from this video is that RiFF RAFF is a funny dude who loves his dogs and isn’t afraid of saying ridiculous shit for a laugh.

Want to airbnb The Codeine Castle? It will cost you. According to RiFF Raff it will be about 5k a night or $150,000 a month. No word yet on if the mysteries of the two secret rooms will be revealed upon signing the rental agreement.

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