Christ/Palin. Palin/Christ.

Sarah Palin came out against something near and dear to most Americans hearts and an issue that affects millions of families every single day of the year: Holiday cards.  Seems she wasn’t impressed with the Obama’s non denominational (and Constitutionally prudent) Holiday Card.  Here’s what the Obama’s card looks like:

Nice.  Understated.  There’s a dog in it.  All good things.

But this wasn’t to Mrs. Palin’s liking.  In fact she told Fox News that she found it “odd” that the card emphasizes the dog instead of traditions like “family, faith and freedom.”

Well, what if dogs represent all of those things to people?  Looking at that dog makes me think of a lot of things.  Faith…Sarah McLaughlin…Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814…

Anywho, Mrs. Palin wasn’t going to take this like she took Glen Rice’s penis (lying down), she decided to release her own holiday card, which I have the pleasure of sharing with you here: