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Get a Job! with Carson and Ted

A while back, former Providence College Friars shooting guard Ted Bancroft tweeted that he and center Carson Desrosiers were looking for work after the college basketball season.  So, nice guy that I am, I reached out on twitter and got the ball rolling to make a web series with them.  After some searching and some eventual filming, here is the result.  “Get a Job! with Carson and Ted”. Read more

dunn and cooley

Marketing Madness

I work on a website called and I was responsible for a lot of the creative and social marketing around the Providence College basketball team during their runs in the Big East and non-run in the NCAA Tournament.

While Cox Communications no longer has the rights to Providence College basketball (those now belong to Fox Sports 1), engagement with the fans and the program has never been greater because of a strong push to be more involved in the day to day conversation around the team. Using multiple touch points and mediums, engagement has grown tremendously over the course of the last year, culminating in this month’s activities in New York City and Columbus, Ohio.

Below are some links to the blog posts associated with Marketing Madness.

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  2.  Enjoy the Moment
  3.  Areas to Watch
  4.  Kris Dunn Highlight Reel
  5.  LaDontae Highlight Reel
  6.  Confidence and Questions
  7.  NCAA bracket response

And here are some of the social media posts associated with the campaign.

Obviously there are bigger companies and fanbases that get more engagement, simply because of the scales they’re dealing with, but the methodology is the same.

Be Prepared
Be Fast
Be Engaged
and try to be the best.

ladontae henton

LaDontae 2K1K

I made one of my more shared images at my time working at CoxHub tonight.  Part of it was timing, part of it was execution, but it was all…tha ballz.

Here’s the pic in question.


It’s an image congratulating Providence Friar LaDontae Henton on his rare accomplishment of 2000 points and 1000 rebounds.  Hence the 2k1k behind him.  I popped the image on twitter the moment he scored his 17th point and then my phone started blowing up with retweets and favorites.

After the game I sent it to LaDontae himself and then Instagram went nuts when he posted this.

That’s the strange thing about social media, it has turned design work and ideas like this into an instantly shareable medium.  You can see if an idea works almost immediately. It also makes it so creations are digested and shared and become part of the ether so fast that the roots of the creations and the identities of the creators are lost just as fast.

So as someone who makes something, the joy has to come from the fact that people are liking your work and that on an important night in a person’s life, something you made had an impact.

That’s enough.  And if it’s not, I have a spoon and a jar of peanut butter next to my bed.

dunn and henton


Just got back in from a trip to Philly to follow the Providence Friars basketball team on their visit to Villanova.  It was a stomping.  And it was a stomping that Friar fans are trying to put in perspective, including my friend Daniel.  Took some photos from the Pavillion (formerly the John DuPont Pavillion, but you know that whole murder thing…) and with the lighting in there, some of them came out quite nice.  Below are some of my favorites which are featured in stories here.

henton and dunn laughing

hilliard and JVP

cooley not happy with the refs

uri rams passion


So here’s the 30 second commercial I made for the #RISE campaign for the URI Rams basketball program.  Shot during the PC/URI game and edited using Adobe Creative Suite. The atmosphere at that game was electric and got me thinking about how important it is for a basketball program to have rabid and enthusiastic fans. Without those fans in attendance that night, who knows if the game would have been as close as it was? So that’s where the “It Takes You” tagline came from.