ladontae henton

LaDontae 2K1K

I made one of my more shared images at my time working at CoxHub tonight.  Part of it was timing, part of it was execution, but it was all…tha ballz.

Here’s the pic in question.


It’s an image congratulating Providence Friar LaDontae Henton on his rare accomplishment of 2000 points and 1000 rebounds.  Hence the 2k1k behind him.  I popped the image on twitter the moment he scored his 17th point and then my phone started blowing up with retweets and favorites.

After the game I sent it to LaDontae himself and then Instagram went nuts when he posted this.

That’s the strange thing about social media, it has turned design work and ideas like this into an instantly shareable medium.  You can see if an idea works almost immediately. It also makes it so creations are digested and shared and become part of the ether so fast that the roots of the creations and the identities of the creators are lost just as fast.

So as someone who makes something, the joy has to come from the fact that people are liking your work and that on an important night in a person’s life, something you made had an impact.

That’s enough.  And if it’s not, I have a spoon and a jar of peanut butter next to my bed.

content is king av club

Content is king, and we are but its humble servants

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” –Seth Godin.

Content is King!  That’s the rallying cry in marketing today.  Content producers make content revolving around products and services, hope something “goes viral” and reap whatever benefits they can from that.  Companies are shelling out millions of dollars to agencies and content creators are getting paid some money to write articles or produce videos around a company’s products and services.  For the company itself, there is a benefit to have their products and services promoted, however tangentially.  But what about creatives that are producing content that is shareable and “upworthy” outside of the context of promoted or sponsored content?

How valuable can content be if the people making it and paying for it don’t own it?  We live in a world where people “curate” material from artists and post it on their sites with impunity.  The AV club didn’t make that video you’re watching.  I should know.  I made a video that just eclipsed 500,000 hits with no ad dollars behind it based on AV Club and Buzzfeed and Spin picking it up, writing some copy around it, “Curating it” and posting it to their site with only Buzzfeed attributing it as a creation by a person and not just this amorphous idea of “The internet” that AV Club attributed it to.

A website like Buzzfeed, or Huffington Post or The AV Club or Bleacher Report or whatever fly-by-night uncreative algorithm nerds can sit and see what’s trending, steal it, add some cheap copy and accumulate hits until they start the process all over again.

Where is the attribution?  Where is the incentive for creatives?  This is turning into a Napster-like world for content creatives getting hosed by nerds with marketing budgets and no real creativity.

The model needs to change.  Just like it did for the music industry.  Someone needs to stand for the creatives and take these neo-monoliths down, or at least have them start paying for the use of videos and content.  

If you don’t own it, don’t post it.  And if you can’t make it, don’t fake it.

jesus died

Jesus Died For Our Tweets

From Twitter’s (TWTR -900%) video department comes this gem of a video that features people around the world sharing their World Cup experiences around the World Cup using twitter posts and vine videos.  The video also also employs a cool technique of environment reactive sprites a la “Little Big Planet” to have little twitter birds dance around the world in Paris, Chicago and even the site of the World Cup, Rio.  The thing with Rio is that their most iconic image is Christ on a peak with his arms outstretched over Rio.  So seeing those little corporate logos dancing around his body is a little unnerving.

Here is a screencap. Christ: He Died for Our Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.25.48 AM

How to make money blogging


More retro clipart at

There are a lot of blogs out there talking about a lot of different things.  There are blogs about cats.  There are blogs about dogs.  There are blogs about cats by dogs.  There are dogs that are cats that have blogs.  Blogs cats dogs.  Cats dogs blog.  blogdogcatblogdog.


 But how do you monetize your blog?  Easy.




Put ads on your site.  People click on them and then wham!  $$$$$$


Make a twitter account and be all like “Hashtag $$$$$” and then poof!  $$$$$


Work on writing blogs consistently too.  Doesn’t matter what it’s about or if it’s good, just make sure it’s consistent.  Me?  I shit everyday.  Should I share it with the world?  Before blogs and $$$$ no.  But now?  Share away!

So to recap:


Cats + Dogs = Blogs / Shit = $$$$$


social media conference

Social media is fast becoming the preferred method of advertisers to communicate with customers and vice versa.  It is also becoming the preferred method for social media evangelists to travel on another company’s dime to stand around looking at their phones while desperate companies wine and dine them as they try to wrap their heads around the idea of inbound marketing.


Are you a social media evangelist?  Do you want to become one?  Do you want to know what one is?  Well, you should probably change out of those stand sweatpants and come on down to the Northeast Regional Social Media Blog and Outbound Marketing Conference at the Radisson Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island.  Experts in the subjects of “BLOGGING”, “COMPUTERS”, “THE FACEBOOK”, “TWEETS” will be there as well as people with “SLIDE SHOWS” full of “INFOGRAPHICS” which are a way to teach stupid people information they most likely have no use for.  Tweet from the event using a “HASHTAG” (details forthcoming) and you may receive an “iPAD” tablet computer that you can use to log on to the internet to chat or “STREAM” programming from tv.



computer phonesSo come on down to Radisson Hotel in Providence or follow us on twitter @fiftyfootant for updates.