Ludacris Gifs!

Ludacris blessed the internet today with some green screen footage of himself reacting to things.  It is now everyone’s responsibility to make art based off of that.  I’ll start.

Ludacris looooves washing his hands.


Ludacris hates birthdays.


Ludacris is skeptical of Obama’s policies.


Ludacris is not a fan of the occult.


Ludacris does not like ballerina booty.


Ludacris hates it when a Whopper is shot out of his hand.



In honor of mothers everywhere, here are some pictures of famous douches as mothers.  Happy mother’s day.

Justin Bieber and baby
Justin Bieber and baby
billy mom cyrus
billy mom cyrus
scott stapp. mom
scott stapp. mom

Police blogger

Here’s a fun exercise: Read an article about a reckless or drunk driver in the city you live in and search that person on google. With everyone and their uncle and me having a blog, you may find out something like this:
The guy who crashed his car with a .20 alcohol level and used racial slurs against the Asian police officer who arrested him while claiming his mother would “make them pay” is an experimental artist who works with something he calls “Fabric Flesh”. What a world!
You hear that, Asians? The man is an artist! And his mom will make you pay!

so drunk
so drunk