A reckless display of bravado

20120117-224717.jpgCaptain Francesco Schettino has been charged with manslaughter and, awesomely, “causing a shipwreck” for crashing his ship into a rock off the Italian coast in a “reckless display of bravado”.  Apparently Schettino was trying to do the ship version of a wheelie when he lost control and smashed into a rock, killing at least a dozen people. This is a lot like the time I tried to ride my bike with no hands and killed a dozen people.
If you haven’t already, please read the details of the event here. By far the best part of this story, (the best part of a horrible story) is the fact that after he crashed the ship, he decided to jump into a life boat and get off the sinking ship.

“It’s dark and I can’t see where I’m going” he said.


The Italian coast guard was not so understanding. “Get back on the ship and tell us what your passengers need.”.  Apparently the Italian coast guard doesn’t follow the old maritime adage of “the captain leaves the ship when it’s dark and he cannot see.”.
Anywho, here’s to you Captain Francesco Schettino, Master of the Reckless Display of Bravado.

Update: just looked up schettino in the Italian to English dictionary. It means “rollerskate”. Seems oddly appropriate.