From Your Mouth to God’s Ears

From Your Mouth to God’s Ears

Seriously, who could look at this banner and think, “I really believe the purpose of this banner was more traditional in nature, more secular in nature, it wasn’t to promote any sort of religion or anything like that.”? A Cranston School Committee member could.  Bureaucracies are seldom credited with being at the forefront of progressive intellectual thought, but at the very least, we should expect them to have a basic comprehension of what’s in front of their face.

     There are a number of things troubling about this case in Cranston, RI: Religion in public schools, anti-atheist witch burning and good ol’ fashioned ‘Merican torch lighting.  But one thing that really stuck in my craw is the fact that an elected official, Peter Palumbo, a State Rep had the gall to call the girl who raised the objection to the banner an “evil little thing” on the radio.

Look at this guy.  Just look at him.  Ugh.  On his profile page it reads, “Being a responsive lawmaker is an important aspect of making our government work for all of us. Your participation is welcomed and will add to making Rhode Island government one in which all its citizens can be proud.”

Except of course, when he disagrees with you.  Then you’re an “evil little thing”.

Our Heavenly Father,

Please give me the courage not to say what I truly think of Peter Palumbo and his vile act?

(This is not a prayer).