The Brooklyn Bridge and Court at Night

The Brooklyn Bridge and Court at Night

One of my favorite places in the world is the Brooklyn Bridge.

When I was a kid I used to stay up way too late watching TV and Thursday nights on NBC were a thing of beauty. I would start with The Cosby Show (narrowly beating out This Old House on PBS), segue into another Cosby Production with A Different World. Then Cheers. And lastly Night Court would come on.

The show’s open started off with a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge at night. At that time, the Twin Towers stood behind it. It was always so comforting to see that shot as I was getting tired at 9 years old – 9:30 at night with school in the morning, anxiety already festeringĀ about the day ahead.

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But there was something about that shot that seemed so foreign and so magical. That was NEW YORK! Big things happen there! It’s more than just a place where I visit my mentally unstable grandmother who threw holy water at me at the age of five. No, this was a place where the people who made me laugh live! So to go there and walk its lengths is a real special treat for me.

I took a Canon C100 up on the bridge and tried outĀ some new lenses and used the music from another show I loved growing up to make my little love letter to the bridge that helped me dream when I was young.

BKLYN BRDG from Anthony on Vimeo.