dream lake

I Dropped a Burrito at Dream Lake

Carrying a burrito at Dream Lake near the top of the Rocky Mountains is tricky. You’re up at around 10,000 feet. The air is thin, the burrito is thick. The glare of the sun is distracting and that squirrely little burrito is just itching to squirm out of your hands and run off into the wilderness to live wild and free like all the other burritos. So I dropped mine. But I picked it right back up and ate it. And then I picked up my camera and took these pictures. Then I took a plane back East and made this video late at night.
Here it is.

Kyra Phillips and Dennis Morgigno

Backstage with Kyra and Dennis

Here’s a backstage look at “A Salute to Teachers” hosts CNN’s Kyra Phillips and Dennis Morgigno as they get ready and have some fun in the moments before the 26th Annual event.

To see even further into the past, why don’t you click on this little link over here that takes you to the Salute to Teachers Red Carpet event?  Why don’t you?  Are you busy or something?  Look, we all have stuff to do.  It wouldn’t kill you.