balboa park

A Salute to Teachers

Every year for the past 26 years Cox Communications has celebrated the teachers of California with an event called “A Salute to Teachers”.  For 25 years I had nothing to do with, sitting unaware of the saluting in my house in Rhode Island.  This year, however, I was asked to fly to San Diego to not only salute teachers but film them as well.  And salute and film them I did.

This first video was shot outside of The Balboa Theater in the new public park that was in the last stages of construction as of September 2016.  It is the red carpet reception and, aside from an unfilmed wine spilling, the event went off without a hitch.

federal hill

A Little Time on Federal Hill

Spend a little time on Federal Hill with my mother and my son.  He throws pennies in the wishing fountain while she listens to a man sings Frank Sinatra songs as she does every Sunday.

Shot on the Panasonic GH-4 with a 14mm pancake and a Canon FD 50mm with a Speedbooster adapter using the VLOG color profile.  I used a Luts that harkened back to the era of sepia toned drug store developed photographs I remember seeing on The Hill when I was a boy.

filming dance with a ronin

Filming Dance with the Talent Factory

Earlier this summer the extremely talented instructors and dancers at The Talent Factory in Rhode Island put on an amazing show at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.  The night before the event I filmed the rehearsal with my Ronin.  By the end of the rehearsal I was covered and sweat and my flash cards were full of so much great footage and I realized something: It’s so much fun filming dance.
Below is the Facebook post featuring a slightly modified version of the spot.

And here is the full HD trailer on vimeo.